ROP Looks Back: Billy Joel – The Stranger

There is at least one song by the legendary Billy Joel that is known by a large chunk of the human population. The born-and-raised New Yorker, known as the Piano Man, has been writing and singing some of the greatest hits of all time since the 1970’s such as “The Piano Man,” “The River of Dreams,” “My Life,” and “She’s Got A Way,” among many, many others. Some of his greatest songs first appeared on the album The Stranger, which is not-so-surprisingly the throwback album this week.

Released in 1977, The Stranger won two Grammy awards in 1979 (Record of the Year and Song of the Year) for the song “Just The Way You Are,” which is one of those kinds of love songs that one can either dance to at a wedding or in the middle of the kitchen with a significant other.  “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)” is another huge single that has a slow, thumpy rhythm with a catchy chorus. “Vienna” is another one of Joel’s top songs in his entire career, which is good to listen to if one is too caught up with the responsibilities of life and just needs a bit of a break.  Lastly, “Only The Good Die Young” is an upbeat tune that seems to talk of a religious girl that Joel attempts to bring out to the world outside of religion.

The Stranger is definitely one of Billy Joel’s pivotal albums that really jump-started his career.  Though it might be a departure from today’s music, have a listen to the one of the greats in action:

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