Suzi Analogue Sings Home With A Raw, Unblemished Love Record

Love Affairz Vol. 1 is one of the greatest love albums of all time. There is no shaken or wavering confidence in the threads of such a dizzy claim. Suzi Analogue is an artist ahead of her time, and her latest work is an indelible contribution to contemporary music. Oh how I wish you could see into me, one of the first lyrics she whispers into your ears in “Smoke is warm, chilling, and hypnotic. The entirety of the song is a blend of existential chants in the simplest of terms but of the most profound effect. This is far removed from traditional “I love you boo” and “I wanna be with you baby” candy-coated raindrop songs. Suzi escalates to an echelon that perceives love as more than a feeling, or some neuro-response, but a state of being that’s shared between souls, caressed with romanticism, creativity, nostalgia, and most importantly, home. Her collaboration with Swarvy is the first of other volumes to come, but how in the world can this be eclipsed?

Wherever waking moments are spent, Love Affairz is universally appropriated: everything, and everywhere, is love. Love Affairz is a collection of those sweet, primal, warm waking moments that were hard to grasp and latch.

Suzi is the embodiment of a Beth Gibbons/J Dilla lovechild (with Bjork and Sia as her play cousins), and the sophistication of the composition in Love Affairz is complex. Her positive vibrations resonate on a wavelength that is founded in a diverse ecology of emotions and experiences. Making love songs of this magnitude is indicative of heartbreak, pain, and disappointment decorated with sprinkles of betrayal, interspersed with meditation, reward, and reaffirmation. This blossoming, much like the surreal sunflower garden in the backdrop to the album art, comes from the rouse after lacerating falls. Still, the positivity endures, and the love has grown far beyond what would otherwise have been a simplistic pouring of cliche quips about strawberry kisses, back-side shaking, and white gowns floating down church aisles in angst. Instead, Suzi offers a collective ceremony of all forms of love, and the change, pain and growth therein, that is hauntingly mesmerizing, comforting and insatiable.

In one of the tracks, Suzi aptly warns her listeners: “don’t forget your heart.” Diversions occur, changes erupt, and stages course. As she repeats the same lyrics, it amplifies the importance and the impact of the message. The irony is the message is one that can be easily lost without constant reminder. The form of her songs have specific ways of reaching into other souls with the hands of her very own soul. Swarvy, the Philly based producer, backs her firmly with loosened, off-beat instrumental cues that harken to electronica, hip-hop, and trip-hop, but the rules are broken so perfectly. It’s like a head-swaying in a slightly inebriated, smoked stupor filled with harmony, self-peace, and an amorous overdose of dimensional, dynamic love.

She notes love letters from Frida Kahlo and Beethoven as part of her inspiration. Love Affairz was released on Never Normal Records, her own label. It hit the shelves initially as a cassette, catering to her name (and her modus operandi): Analogue. It is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Beatport.

Image courtesy of the artist.

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