The Lawsuits Release “Tumbled” EP to a Sold-Out Crowd

To anyone who has followed the Philly music scene over the past year or so, it will come as no surprise that genre-defying darlings the Lawsuits sold out Johnny Brenda’s on September 26th for the release of their newest EP, Tumbled. The band that mixes sounds of pop, folk, rock, and more did exactly the same for the release show, rounding out a bill that also included dreamy chamber pop group Tutlie and electrifying rockers DRGN KING.

As good friends and music fans-in-arms buzzed about and threw back drinks, Tutlie opened up the night with their signature sweet harmonies. The charming voices of vocalists Jessie Radlow and Rebecca Way entranced listeners with their fairy-like tones, while the rest of the band contributed the mesmerizing chamber sound that would keep everyone swaying.  Overall, Tutlie contributed just the right amount of energy to the already-excited crowd, getting them moving to the music without letting the collective cauldron of adrenaline boil over.

The end of Tutlie’s set left aural room for the cacophonous rumblings of a varied and animated crowd. Attendees laughed and talked, calling to each other over the dim roar of the rest of the crowd, until DRGN KING took the stage to rock out. Just like the Lawsuits’s ability to roll from sound to sound, DRGN KING jarred the crowd from their pleasant pop-induced stupor with their rousing rock. Hair flew and feet danced as the band’s driving rhythms further excited the atoms of the audience. Front man Dominic Angella led his project through an energetic set, pushing the atmosphere in Johnny Brenda’s from hangout to party in preparation for the lead act of the night.

By the time the Lawsuits prepared to take the stage, lights had been dimmed almost to darkness, and the fog machine had worked overtime to cloak the venue in a haze. There was an electricity in the air–the result of a roomful of ears perked in anticipation–as guitarist Joe Bisirri walked onto the dark stage. With the familiarity of someone coming home to settle in for the night, he turned on strategically-placed lamps, one by one. The rest of the Lawsuits followed quickly, one by one, as if the lamps were their signal to come home, too, and within moments, the band launched into “Gimme, Gimme”, a number from the new EP that immediately drew cheers from audience members boppin’ along.

What followed that opening number was a blend of songs from Tumbled , Cool Cool Cool  (2013), and more. Whether the uniquely haunting “You Aren’t the Same” or the party jam “Anybody’s Girl”, every song was given more than its due applause from a crowd that was obviously ecstatic. Admirers made the most of the night by singing along with the catchy vocals from Brian Strouse and Vanessa Winters, dancing around, or simply enjoying the set. Though Tumbled is just a taste of what’s to come from the Lawsuits, the release show was proof enough that no matter what they do, Philadelphia will always welcome this long-haired band home.

Image courtesy of artist.

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