Why Aren’t You Listening to: Anais Mitchell

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“Why Aren’t You Listening to” is an irregularly-running series at Rock on Philly, spotlighting artists in Philly and beyond that you should be keeping an eye (and ear) out for! The latest installment in the series focuses on singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell.

Why you should be listening: This ethereally-voiced singer/songwriter from Vermont has been working magic for years now, from her collaborative production of Hadestown, to her solo efforts. She recently wowed folk fans in her set with Jefferson Hamer at Newport Folk Fest, which NPR happened to catch on video. Luckily for the rest of us, she’s got some fresh material in the form of a new album, xoa, released on September 30th in North America (worldwide release was on October 6th.) Fun fact: the album will be released on Wilderland Records, the label that Mitchell started back in 2012.  You can get your own copy when Anais comes to the Tin Angel TOMORROW, October 8th with Rose Cousins (tickets available here!)

Sounds like: The crisp voices of multiple and disparate angels, all smushed into one body and telling each others’ stories to anybody who’s listening.

Listen to: All of Hadestown. And everything else she’s done. From xoa, try “Now You Know”, a heart-grabber of a humanity/life/love song if there ever was one.

Image Credit: via ondarock.it

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