Dismemberment Plan’s Happy Dance Feet

By Brooklyn-based author David Leigh Abts and Philadelphia-based writer Stephen  Dalziel.  Edited by Leslie Blodgett

Photos by: Elizabeth Abts Photography

If Chicken Little said the sky was falling and instructed me to quickly grab my effects, I would make sure that the Dismemberment Plan’s re-issue of “Change” was in my sack. At Philadelphia’s First Unitarian Church on November 7, Travis and the guys showed the audience how to dance outside the box. The acoustics at this venue were perfect for Travis’s wide range of vocal pitches and the band’s highly charged instrumental craft; the audience could just feel the energy entering their ears and being transmitted to the floor via their happy dancing feet. Are they Minor Threat? No, but they have sat at the same bar-stools. Are they Taylor Swift? No, but they could have crossed paths with her in Central Park. Could we fit everyone into a phone booth? This isn’t the BBC. It’s just a breath of fresh air on a Friday night in Philly when you dial in for D-Plan.

Check out Dismemberment Plan music and tour information at http://www.dismembermentplan.com/
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Photo provided by http://www.lizmiller.photoshelter.com

Photo Credit: Elizabeth A. Abts

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  1. Amanda Silberling

    November 15, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    Cool photos!

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