Girlpool’s Self-Titled EP Leaves a Strong Impression

Over the past few months, Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad have spiraled across America and through Europe not as a typhoon, and not as a tsunami – they thrashed and uproared like a Girlpool. With just their two voices, a bass, and a guitar, Girlpool creates music that is simple yet vicious, spiked with the two women’s dueling, complementary vocals. Girlpool’s November self-titled EP is their first release, other than singles and a limited-edition split-tape with Slutever, yet their music still manages to cover a large repertoire. Songs like “Jane” are down-right violent, featuring blood-curdling screams and gory lyrics reminiscent of The Beatles’Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.” At the same time, “Slutmouth” addresses pressing social issues, although its lyrics may be a bit too overt (“I go to school everyday/just to be made a house-wife one day”).

Girlpool’s most recent video for “Blah Blah Blah” was directed by Sini Anderson, known for directing the documentary The Punk Singer about Kathleen Hanna. Could Girlpool be following in the footsteps of legends like Kim Gordon and Kathleen Hanna? Check out their video below and tell us your thoughts in the comments:

Images courtesy of Girlpool

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