Modern Suits & More Celebrate “Every Light” Record Release

Toasts, headbanging, and great music were three things that were abundant at Kung Fu Necktie Friday night during Modern Suits’ record release show for their new EP Every Light. Many gathered for what ended up being an amazing lineup of bands and artists. which included West Chesterbased group The Moxy, Those Mockingbirds from Montclair, New Jersey, and Fred Mascherino of Taking Back Sunday and Terrible Things.

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The Moxy, which (on this night) is made up of lead singer Greta, Taylor on guitar, Ahmed on bass, and Alex on drums. They have a sound that is similar to Paramore, but with a bit more rock behind it. They amped up the crowd with a mix of up-tempo and slow songs that really resonated with the crowd (especially her sister, who was, as another audience member pointed out, in the audience).

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Next up was Those Mockingbirds, who brought a eclectic rock sound to the set with the addition of keys and an electric violin, played by Tory Anne Daines. This band tore it up with mostly hard-hitting songs, in addition to a few slow songs.


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Fred Mascherino took the state afterwards and played a soulful acoustic set of songs from his solo trek as The Color Fred, as well as others from his other projects.

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Modern Suits, after already amazing acts graced the stage, ended the night with a headbanging, thrashing set. Keith Gibbons, Adam Jessamine, Mikal Smith, and Dean Hartley brought their all and gave a set with a variety of songs, including “Home,” “Tunnels,” “Fingerprints,” and “Waiting,” which are from their new EP as well as their 2010 EP PromisesA grouping of some of the rowdiest people formed at the front of the stage and were really into the fantastic sounds Modern Suits were giving the crowd. It was a show that could make someone ask themselves “Now why aren’t these dudes constantly on the radio?”

All in all, there is something special about hometown shows, and Modern Suits’s record release show was no different to this known fact. It was something pretty close to historical. 

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Were you at Kung Fu Necktie Friday Night? What did you think of the bands? Let us know in the comments after the jump!


Updated: 11/26/14 – Louie is no longer a member of The Moxy.  Ahmed is their new bass player.

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  1. Erin

    December 3, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    Friday, November 21st Modern Suits Kungfu Necktie (Philadelphia, PA)
    I would have not spent my Friday night any other way. Drove from Allentown just to hear the voluminous voices and instruments that rocked the stage from left to right. Not only are these guys my friends, they play from their hearts and internal passion for music. Fans were dancing, head banging, feeling alive. If you can feel goose bumps and the songs reach your heart, that to me is one heck of a talented band. -Erin Stuart

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