New Music Monday: Seattle’s Direct Divide “Abducts” You With Authority

Music fans like myself love one thing, and that’s discovering new music. Thankfully doing what I do, I encounter a whole bunch of great stuff that’s just now being noticed by the mainstream.

Direct Divide is a Seattle based band smack dab in the middle of a national US tour that just recently took them to the Legendary Dobbs in Philly and New York. If you missed them, they put on a hell of a show thanks to blazing musicianship and a unique sound.

They’re touring on the strength of their new single “Abduction”, a pulverizing tune that develops and expands and changes when you least expect it. Lead singer/violinist Razz has a beautiful voice that soars with the best of them – a noted influence is Annie Lennox, and she definitely channels her here.

Where this band sets itself apart is in the arrangements. They bring a full string section and piano to produce what they call “cinematic rock” or “violin amplified rock”. It brings with it an intensity – a sense of urgency borne through a really over-the-top quality that serves them well; like Muse or 30 Seconds to Mars, if you’re not swinging for the fences your music is probably going to be boring, which is one thing you could never say about those two bands, and you definitely can’t say it about Direct Divide.

They could benefit from some professional production, which is undoubtedly an end goal for them, but it’s a small criticism. These days, people don’t necessarily judge you for what your sound is like as much as they do for the potential they hear in your sound. If that were any indication of Direct Divide, I’d say these guys have a bright future ahead.

“Abduction” is streaming on Soundcloud now, listen to it here:

There’s other tracks on their Soundcloud along with demos of their work. Tweet at them, let ’em know what you think, and catch them on tour if you can!

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