We Are Scientists Get Experimental At Johnny Brenda’s

Which Philly symbol should rule supreme? The Liberty Bell or the beloved cheesesteak sandwich? This was a question that Chris Cain of We Are Scientists asked the audience during their set at Johnny Brenda’s on October 4th. This, and a heap of hilarious banter, was said throughout their entire set, which was ridiculously high on energy, both from the band and from the crowd. The band, along with Eternal Summers and Surfer Blood, were on a tour deemed the Spatter Analysis Tour (Blood. Scientists. Get it?) that ran through all of October in cities such as Boston, Toronto, Chicago, and of course Philadelphia.

The night started off with Roanoke, Virginia natives Eternal Summers. Consisting of singer and guitarist Nicole Yun, drummer Daniel Cundiff, and bassist Jonathan Woods, the band plays a combination of pop punk and post punk rock that’s very mellow and up-tempo most of the time. The audience responded well to the band, especially near the beginning, since the band didn’t hesitate to start off loud. That, and the paring with Yun’s strong voice really made the band stand out in a very good way.

Surfer Blood, which is made up of singer and lead guitarist John Paul Pitts, Thomas Fekete on backing guitars and vocals, Kevin Williams on bass, and Tyler Schwarz on drums, sound like psychedelic, surfer, and indie rock combined in one of the best possible ways. Their music paired with the trippy lighting made for a good haze of a performance. If the crowd wasn’t vibing with the music by then, they were really connecting with it while Surfer Blood was on stage.

Finally, We Are Scientists concluded the night with a set filled with songs from their newest album TV En Francais and as far back as 2005’s With Love And SqualorGuitarist Keith Murray and drummer Keith Carne along with Cain had the audience jumping around, laughing at their banter of cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell, and Arkansas, and singing along to songs old and new, which included “Make It Easy,” “Dumb Luck,” “I Don’t Bite,” and “The Great Escape.”

Overall, the late nights sets were excellent from all the bands in this glorious and well put-together lineup. It’s a bit sad that the tour lasts for only a month because the experience that is the Spatter Analysis Tour should be available to more than the lucky few that experienced it and will experience it.

Were you at Johnny Brenda’s? What did you think of the lineup? Let us know in the comments after the jump!

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