Why Aren’t You Listening To: Rival Sons

“Why Aren’t You Listening to” is an irregularly running series at Rock on Philly, spotlighting artists in Philly and beyond that you should be keeping an eye (and ear) out for! The most recent series installment focuses on blues-rock band Rival Sons. 

Why you should be listening: For classic rock die-hard fans, Rival Sons is like a 70’s rock’n’roll band that rose from the dead. Their latest single “Open My Eyes” features a sexy riff and catchy hook guaranteed to appease your ear buds. Formed in 2009, the California-based band is finally starting to make waves in the United States. Be ahead of the curve and become a fan before the rest of the country does.

Sounds like: Rival Sons’ earlier material oscillates a bit from more modern-rock (like “All Over The Road”) to southern rock (a la Black Stone Cherry on tracks “Keep on Swinging” and “Face of Light”), but their fourth and latest album Great Western Valkyrie sounds solidly like an old-school rock’n’roll record. Lots of comparisons have been made to Led Zeppelin (especially heard on “Secrets”), but the band also sounds reminiscent of Free, Bad Company, and Steve Miller Band (like on “Until The Sun Comes”).

Listen to: Everything in their catalogue, but especially Great Western Valkyrie. Highlights include the upbeat tracks “Good Luck” and “Electric Man” and slower epics “Good Things” and “Rich and The Poor.”

Image courtesy of the artist. 

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