Modern Baseball Sells Out the TLA

Philadelphia’s Modern Baseball recently embarked on a full US headlining tour with Chicago’s Knuckle Puck, New York chip-tune three-piece Crying, and Boston indie rock band Somos. The St. Louis post-rock artists of Foxing also joined on select dates, and their first show rejoining the tour was at the TLA this past Thursday night, making for an absolutely stacked lineup. The show was a huge spectacle of pop punk that the young crowd took to eagerly, starting some playful mosh pits and crowd surfing consistently for the second half of the show. Crying got the crowd moving with their Game Boy sounds and pop hooks. A small pit of jumping kids opened up during one of their faster songs, jumping around to the loud mix of chip tune, drums, guitar, and vocals.

Foxing was up next, and they put on the most explosive set of the night. With soft moments going on quick crescendos to loud instrumental sections with either a screaming vocalist or epic sounding trumpet, their emotional connection to the songs came through clearly. All of the band members moved around the stage with conviction, totally putting their bodies into the performance as they played their unique brand of folk-tinged emo. They put on a captivating thirty minute set of hits from their acclaimed album The Albatrossincluding the swift opening of “Inuit” after walking on stage to “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion, which warranted its own singalong reacting from the crowd.

Knuckle Puck transitioned the night into a more straightforward, in your face pop punk sound with a lengthy set of songs from various EP’s that made the crowd go wild. There was non-stop moshing and dancing as the crowd pushed their way towards the stage to show their love for the loud, riff and hook oriented tracks, that surely loosened them up for their hometown favorites.

Modern Baseball somewhat quickly yet casually took the stage, before barreling through an almost twenty song setlist full of new hits from their more recent full-lengths, including 2012’s Sports, 2014’s You’re Gonna Miss It All, and deeper cuts including “Short.” As soon as they opened up with “Fine, Great” and “Broken Cash Machine” the crowd began jumping and singing along to every youthful hook and chorus coming from the four quirky dudes. The relatable lyrics and fun instrumentals are their trademark, and the reaction from the crowd really drove home how talented this band is at pulling it off live. Vocalists Brendan Lukens and Jake Ewald gave authentic and raw vocal deliveries, even shouting during the most heated moments of songs. This show at the huge, 1,000 person capacity TLA had the feel of a house show, everyone was there to have a good time and watch some of their favorite bands play in an intimate, no-thrills setting. There was not much to distract from the music besides a tiny backdrop which read “MOBO,” and seeing the band’s smiling reactions to the manic crowd drove home how much their shows are about having fun with music. Rolling with that, the band pulled out a cover of The Killers‘ “When You Were Young,” and closed out the set with “Your Graduation,” and fan favorite “The Weekend.”

Listen to You’re Gonna Miss It All by Modern Baseball below!


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