Pepper Bring Good Vibes to Union Transfer

Pepper, the reggae/ island rhythm band formed in 1997 in Hawaii, brought many people to a very happy state of mind at Union Transfer last Tuesday night. Even on the eve of what was expected (and what actually was) a seriously severe winter storm, Pepper and openers New Beat Fund and The Movement brought everything they had to UT while the audience reciprocated their high energy.

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New Beat Fund, hailing from Los Angeles, California and consisting of Michael Johnson, Jeff Laliberte, Shelby Archer, and Paul Laliberte, opened up the night with a chilled out, 90s style reggae set. There was flinging of beer into the crowd and a good mix of chaos and calm from the band as they played.

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Columbia, SC and Philly-based band The Movement was the band that many were excited about (besides Pepper, of course), and the band really showed in their set why people should be excited to see them live. Their sound was reminiscent of Sublime, but smoother and with a seriously strong bass. Joshua Swain, Jason Schmidt, and Gary Jackson really  got the crowd going with upbeat and slow reggae songs.

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Pepper, after some anxious waiting time, came on stage and gave the audience what they wanted: pure bliss through music, among other things that can be associated with a reggae show (*hint hint*). Bret Bollinger, Kaleo Wassman, and Yesod Williams gave a set consisting of old favorites and new songs, spanning from their 2013 self-titled album all the way back to 2002’s Kona Town

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They constantly brought up the Ferguson protests and events in their set and how with all that’s happening there and other places around the world, the crowd was bringing the heat and generally happy and having a good time, which amped up their set even more.  Everyone was dancing up until the end when the band finished off with a cover of Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved,” which really brought the entire crowd together in ending such a magical night.

Were you at Union Transfer last Tuesday night? What did you think of the lineup? Let us know in the comments after the jump!

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