Ron Gallo releases new video for “Started a War”

Caitlin McCann (Dog Days Films) has done a lot of creative documenting for the Philly music scene this year. From TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb‘s twisted wedding tale for “Don’t Come Home Pretty Woman” to the calmly psychedelic dream lens of The Lawsuits‘ “Dreaming #26“, McCann has helped some of Philadelphia’s favorite Americana bands tell their video stories.

Now Ron Gallo has paired up with McCann to do it again. The two teamed up to produce the music video for Gallo’s song “Started a War“, from his recent solo album, Ronny. The result is beautifully shot and edited, using a minimalist set to focus the viewer on the discomfort of the two partners in the room (played by Ron Gallo and Paige Fletcher.) It’s a video that perfectly reflects the tension in the song; a song all about the uncomfortable silences in a deteriorating relationship.

Take a little time to be uneasy and check out the video below:

Image courtesy of the artist via Facebook.

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