Start Your Day with Kalen & The Sky Thieves’ ‘Bluebird’

Crafted by David Leigh Abts & Kayla Shifter, Edited by Leslie Blodgett

Stop, Hammer time?

Stop, collaborate, and listen?

For Pete’s sake, just stop and listen to Kalen & The Sky Thieves’ full-length debut album, Bluebird!

There are people that are great at playing music, there are people that are great at writing music, and there are people that are great at promoting music. These artists excel in all three, and it shows in this album. The culturally-saturated production showcases a group of people who maintain their roots while encompassing all it is to be a part of the Brooklyn scene now.


I asked drummer Wayan Zoey if he could stop by my place for a cold splash of Colt 45 while we crafted the album review. He and my wife went to Lewis and Clark College together. It was cool hearing about the rise of the post-grunge music scene in the North West in the late ’90s and ’00s (The Dandy Warhols, Sleater-Kinney, and Modest Mouse, to name a few) and how the production and musical styles of those bands influenced some of the tracks on Bluebird.

Yes, Bluebird is like Space Mountain – every turn is fun and exciting – but we won’t bore you with a track-by-track breakdown. However, I strongly suggest you roll the dice with tracks nine (“Somedays”) and two (“Mother Time”). Trust that monotony won’t be harshing your groove with this one, kids. Every song has an easily-identifiable tale and an idiosyncratic sound. Kalen Lister’s voice makes you throb to powerful rock tunes like “Mother Time” before wrenching your soul as she delves into the haunting crooning of “Moon of May.”


These guys manage a musical style deeply attached to their local identity that has spread to Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC and will eventually be synonymous with rocking people’s socks off all along the East Coast scene.

Bluebird has the potential to be the soundtrack to your life in the sense that next time you’re stepping on the train for your morning commute, and the person next to you smells like Miss Daisy skipped her morning bath, just turn to Kalen & The Sky Thieves to take your mind far, far away before you clock in to your rock star job at Taco Bell.


See Rockstarr* endorsements from these established artists:

“I feel if more of London’s pubs played tunes like these, I would be inclined to order another pint. Album is amazing and I just adore ‘Island.’”
Chris Constantinou (Adam Ant, Wolfmen, Sinéad O’Connor)

“Kalen and The Sky Thieves’ album Bluebird is Pop electronica Kate Bush crossed with Portishead and some St.Vincent snarl. Lovely vocals, melodic keys and nice guitar riffs. Although ‘Island’ is the obvious single on the record, I much preferred the growl of ‘Mother Time.'”
– Joyce Raskin (Speedy Consuela, Reindeer, Scarce)

Check out Kalen & The Sky Thieves, music and tour information here.

Listen to Bluebird below!

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Photos by Elizabeth A. Abts & Media Drawing by Dan Turk

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