Walk the Moon Shine With Talking Is Hard

Cincinnati’s Walk the Moon just released their third album Talking Is Hard on December 2nd through RCA Records. Walk the Moon’s danceable rock sound stands out from the alternative rock genre today with heavy use of synth sound and engineered vocal harmonies that gives it an 80’s vibe.

Different Colors” is bright and fun. Bassist Kevin Ray opens with a bass solo. There’s an openness to the recording sound that is appropriate for a song about open acceptance. All members of the band sing, which adds a fullness to the vocals in addition to lead vocalist Nicholas Petricca. “Sidekick” is even more fun and foreseeable as being on a children’s hero film soundtrack. The heavy use of syncopation creates funky rhythmic interest.

Shut Up and Dance” has the 80’s sound this generation desperately needed. Walk the Moon receives frequent radio plays by this one song and it’s completely on point. This song is perfect for a throwback themed wedding or any occasion that involves shameless dancing. “Down In The Dumps” puts drummer Sean Waugaman to full use with fast repetitive segments in contrast with the synthesizer.

Work This Body” has a party vibe with lots of clapping, hoots, and hollers. The vocals start out quiet and fast, and it quickly builds to a loud burst of energy. There’s a cute little piano solo that adds an unexpected twist to the fun element. Eli Maiman gets to add a quick little riff in the midst of all the action for extra power. “Aquaman” has a funky opening that eerily resembles “Africa” by Toto. The calming synth sound gives an oceanic feel, which is mimicked by Petricca’s vocals. The classic half step key change towards the end lends a little drama.

Walk the Moon announced their headlining tour with Australian party boys of The Griswolds. They aren’t stopping in Philly, but they will be performing at 104.5 Winter Jam at Xfinity Live this January. It’s a free show but you need a ticket to get in so keep checking the website for more ticket information!

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  1. Lauren S

    December 5, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    “Shut Up and Dance” is so infectious, I can’t stop listening to it!

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