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Drag queen pop star Adore Delano is performing at the TLA on January 8th in support of her debut album Till Death Do Us Party which was released in June. Rock On Philly got an exclusive interview with Adore to acquaint the young budding star to Philadelphia!

ROP: Your album came out very soon after the wrap up of season six of Rupaul’s Drag Race. How long after the end of the show did you start recording for the album?

Adore Delano: The show films almost a year before airing so I worked on my album in March, wrote it in a couple months, recorded it in 3 days and popped it out!

ROP: What was the concept of Till Death Do Us Party? What was the experience like performing with Alaska?

AD: I just wanted an album that represented who I am as Adore.. I’m fun but I also have a lot to say. Alaska is awesome I love working with her.

ROP: Who/what influences the type of music you’re attracted to and make?

AD: I usually gather inspiration from a lot of people who aren’t musicians actually but I’m a huge fan of sad sappy stuff.

ROP: Are there other artists you would like to collaborate with in the future? Or others you already have plans set for?

AD: My next album is going to be a bit personal & some of the things I wanna say probably will be said best if its alone. You never know though 😉

ROP: You’re starting a new art form as one of the few drag queens of today who has a great voice. How has the release of your album changed your life perspective or lifestyle?

AD: Thank you, it’s changed my entire world. I grew up so much in one year.. I look at things different, I appreciate small things in life much more as well. I’m very lucky.

ROP: Do you see an obvious change in fan base in comparison to your competition during American Idol? Have you had a chance to interact with fans?

AD: Of course but you do have a lot of the loyal loves in my heart that stuck with me through my whole career. I love hearing their stories!

ROP: Do you see yourself recording in the future out of your drag persona?

AD: Not anytime soon. Adore is the Superman to my Clark Kent.


There you have it! The show is coming up so be sure to grab tickets from Live Nation while you still can. It will definitely be a wild party you won’t forget.

Image courtesy of the artist

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