Sam Smith Enraptures Audience At Liacouras Center

Tuesday night with Sam Smith caused utter chaos around the Liacouras Center at Temple University‘s campus as fans of all ages fought their way in out of the cold. Once inside and cozied up, the show began with a huge curtain with a mirrored picture of the night’s most popular crooner.

Smith began singing “Life Support” from his latest album In The Lonely Hour before the curtain dropped to the floor, leaving the audience wondering for a moment where his otherworldly voice could be coming from. He was raised high up in the middle of the stage where he descended to the level of us mere mortals. His voice sent chills down the spine and the whole atmosphere was euphoric.

The emotion-packed “I’m Not The Only One” was performed to perfection as fans sang along with fervor. “Nirvana” was just as passionate, with the delicate sadness expressed beautifully.

Sam Smith owns in ballads but he can also rule in dance floor music. The sassy backup singers danced along with Sam Smith as he lead a series of moves reminiscent of the “Cha Cha Slide” as soon as “Like I Can” was over. It was the most adorable dancing that I now would like to call the Sam Smith Shuffle. “La La La” by Naughty Boy started stripped with just his vocals and the recorded vocal, gradually adding excitement with backup music.

sam smith - wakana n - stage view

Sam Smith performing at Liacouras Center. Photo by Wakana Narisako


The cover of Frank Sinatra‘s “My Funny Valentine” was unexpected by a good portion of the crowd as the older ladies gasped in delight. There’s really nothing Sam Smith can cover and not nail. Sam Smith ended with the song that’ll be on everyone’s Valentine’s playlist, “Stay With Me.” His embellishments were on point and there was not a single person not in awe of his voice. At this point, everyone with a phone (and iPads) lit up the big venue for a starry effect that added to the magic.

Sam Smith is a gift to this generation with the most beautiful and precise upper range that R&B needs. If there is someone still out there who hasn’t heard his music, they must hear him sing. It will change their life!

Featured Image via The Liacouras Center Event Page here.

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  1. Lauren S

    January 17, 2015 at 8:26 pm

    Saw him at Jingle Ball and he was the best of the night! He’s so amazing live.

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