Ally Arrieta Proves Chops on Debut Single “Young in the City”

Throwing a little sunshine your way today with the stunning soul stylings of Ally Arrieta, 20-year-old California native, who released her debut single “Young in the City” in November. I’ve gotta say, I hear an awful lot of Alice Smith in this, with soul, blues, and groove filling every corner of the track. Between the jazz piano, the subtle rhythm tones, and syncopated vocals, “Young in the City” simply floats. Arrieta shows off all of her chops without being overbearing — her vocal prowess, her composition, and her songwriting ability. The song has a warm and uplifting build, ending on an appropriate echo that reflects the open tone of the track. All told, it’s a delightful little ditty that’s sure to brighten up your February.

Image courtesy of the artist

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