Best of the B Sides: “Truth No. 2”

Let is be known that I’m not really a country fan. I have given it its fair shake and it is just not up my alley. That being said, I have never not loved Dixie Chicks‘ Home (2002) (okay, okay, I admit it’s more bluegrass than country, but it still counts, right?). It’s one of those albums that I listened to on repeat when I was really young, and I just revisited it a few weeks ago. It’s even more delightful now that I can really appreciate how complex this music is. It’s the epic album with “Travelin’ Soldier” and their cover of “Landslide.” However, the song I keep coming back to and playing on repeat now is “Truth No. 2.”

Watching them play it live, it’s clear how disgustingly talented Dixie Chicks are. Not only their actual instrumental skill (which is masterful), but their songwriting ability and fierce harmonies are piercing in this song. And listen to them just riff away at 2:40 like it’s nothing! This music is so complicated, and they make it look so easy. The entire album is like this, and it all flows and moves so gracefully that the effort isn’t apparent. It takes a few listens to really realize just how much is going on in these songs. But there’s something about the sweetness of this song that I love. The tones from the violin and the banjo are warm and inviting, and the way they complement each other is as impressive as the vocal harmonies. All told, Dixie Chicks know how to piece together an excellent song.

Home is an incredibly cohesive album, filled with an exploration of several tones and ideas, but they stay related. The tracks move from one to the next with ease, allowing time for contemplative tracks and more upbeat celebration tracks. The production value is excellent as well, keeping things simple rather than labored. If anything is a pure example of the truest elements of this album, it’s “Truth No. 2.”

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