Bubblegum’s Eve 2015 in Pictures!

Did you come out Thursday night for our special Bubblegum’s Eve event at Milkboy?  Yes? No?

Well, see the pictures below and see what a POPPIN’ good time we all had!

Special thanks to our performers Human Drum Machine, Nicky P, On The Cooling Board and Victoria Watts; our sponsors Velodyne and Glee Gum; and, lastly (but not at all least!), Milkboy Philadelphia for hosting our bubbly shenanigans!

Featured Image by Samantha Sweeney

All Images by Amanda Silberling and Samantha Sweeney


  1. Katie Antonsson

    February 8, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    Photos look wonderful! I’m so sad I couldn’t be there 🙁

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