Cover Club Sets the Standard for New Season

With such a wealth of talent in the Philadelphia music scene, it makes sense that there would be a wealth of informational sources about it to turn to, as well. Enter: Root Down In The Shadow, a blog focused on the independent Philadelphia music scene, and their popular Philly-centric video series, Cover Club.

For Cover Club, produced by Root Down in the Shadow’s Dan McGurk and Levee Drivers‘ August John Lutz III, Philly bands take to camera to showcase covers of their favorite Philly artists, inspirations, all-time favorite songs, and the like–the only caveat is that the song must originally be by a Philadelphia artist. Season One featured covers recorded in locations all over the city, from Sean Hoots‘ (Hoots & Hellmouth) cover of Boyz II Men‘s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” to Kate Faust‘s creative mash-up of Nina Simone and Aaliyah. A shortened Season Two, which will feature five episodes all released on Tuesdays in February, serves to whet palates as the series transitions into new studios and locations–such as this season’s recordings in Cambridge Sound Studios–and sets itself up for future successful seasons.

Today’s premiere of Season Two of Cover Club sets the tone for what’s to come from the series. In Episode 1, we see gravelly-voiced writer/rocker TJ Kong (Dan Bruskewicz) take on PURPLES tune “Standard Human“, accompanied by Atomic Bomb brother Joshua Machiz on upright bass. Together, the two transform the song from the frenetic dance jam of the original into an introspective, lonesome song that focuses attention on the wrenching lyrics. Videography by Bob Sweeney helps drive the point home, keeping Kong and instruments in a tight frame with muted colors and subdued studio lighting.  The result is a series that is beautiful in many ways, from the respectful re-imaginings of songs to the high-quality video with entrancing aesthetics.

Take a look at the TJ Kong episode of Cover Club below, and get excited about the new season being released over the next few weeks (which will also feature episodes from Ali Wadsworth + Satellite Hearts, Vita and the Woolf, Tutlie, and Michigan-based artist Small Houses.) Can’t get enough? Lucky for you, Cover Club’s got all of Season One available for viewing on their website, so you can get caught up while you wait for next week’s video.

Image courtesy of Cover Club Philly.

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