Hot Chip Release ‘Huarache Lights’- first single off new album, “Why Make Sense?”

Hot Chip has released the first single off their soon to be released sixth studio album, Why Make Sense? It’s called “Huarache Lights” and it’s pretty psychadelic. You can check out the video below.

The full album is slated for a May 18th release. Until then, here’s the full track listing:

Hot Chip’s Why Make Sense?

1. Huarache Lights”
2. “Love is the Future”
3. “Cry For You”
4. “Started Right”
5. “White Wine and Fried Chicken”
6. “Dark Night”
7. “Easy to Get”
8. “Need You Now”
9. “So Much Further to Go”
10. “Why Make Sense?”

 Featured Image via Genius

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