Jazmine Sullivan’s Reality Show Speaks Truth

Jazmine Sullivan is a diva on the rise from here in Philadelphia. She has worked with superstar Missy Elliott in the past and her third album Reality Show released in January through RCA is all kinds of R&B tasty.

Dumb” featuring Philly’s Meek Mill is up first. The backing vocals sound like a full orchestral choir that adds a tremendous amount of depth, even though all they’re singing is “dumb,” as if it is accentuated humming. Meek Mill’s rapping is rhythmic and memorable. “Mascara,” the next song on the album, is about being fabulous and visually confident. The bridge uses different color for I never leave the house without makeup on that reaches into her upper range delicately, emphasizing that point.

Brand New” and “Silver Lining” focus more on her solid lower range. “Silver Lining” has a yummy jazz piano background. Both tracks have a lot of backbone while the upper range sometimes sounds slightly forced when Sullivan is half shouting/half singing, but not in an unpleasant way.

#HoodLove” has a lot of attitude and strength. It’s content is saucy and the minimal background music allows Sullivan to embellish and growl expressively. The embellishments are especially good in “Veins,” which gives way to pain and sensuality at the same time. “Stupid Girl” is sassy and biting, preaching against being dumb and taken advantage of. The message it sends is effective and relevant to today’s culture as more feminists speak up.

If You Dare” is really low in range and seductive, and has playful beats that end the album at a fun note. If you have a soul, you won’t be able to sit still for this one, with its rhythmic clapping and fierce vocals. Jazmine Sullivan is booked up for the summer, with appearances in Essence Music Festival and her own tour starting in July. Don’t miss her powerful presence and follow her on social media to keep up!

Image courtesy of the artist.

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