Leighton Meester’s Intimate Night at the Troc

Leighton Meester, best known for portraying Blair Waldorf on the teen hit TV show Gossip Girl, made her second stop for her Heartstrings Tour in Philly at the Trocadero in support of her latest release Heartstrings. The venue was packed with the demographic containing 98% female, 1% dads, and 1% boyfriends. As soon as Meester stepped on stage, a chorus of young girls shouted “Queen B!” and jumped uncontrollably.

The opening track “Heartstrings” was heartfelt as Meester sang in her gentle soprano voice. Her voice was maybe too gentle at times, but it was appropriate for the song. For a lighter note, “On My Side” started acoustically and was delicately simple until the chorus, when lights flared up and the electric guitar joined in energetically.

In addition to tracks off of her album like “Run Away,” “Good For One Thing,” and “Entitled,” Meester threw in a few covers, including Loretta Lynn’s “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take Your Man).” Her quirkiness worked with the heavy country drive and, in comparison to her tracks off her album, it was unexpected.

Leighton Meester made the night for the 21+ crowd with her sassy cover of The Cardigan‘s “Lovefool.” The younger fans danced around as the older fans sang along. Her feminine voice worked perfectly with the lingering, loving sentiment.

After bowing off the stage, Meester jogged back on, giggling “Just kidding!” and sang a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” She recorded a video of her singing the song as a duet with Dana Williams and it was just as good in person.

Between songs, Meester conversed extensively with enthusiastic fans, making it a very intimate and relaxed show. When a fan towards the front of the crowd extended their selfie stick, she called the fans a “rowdy crowd” jokingly. With her unassuming charm and friendliness, Leighton Meester turned the miserably cold night into a warm environment with good vibes and great music.

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