Moosh & Twist Ticket Giveaway: Meet the duo and see them perform February 27th at the TLA

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Rock On Philly has been a fan of Moosh & Twist ever since we first saw them perform at the Forbes Under 30 Summit. Their music is downright infectious and appeals to a mainstream audience while still staying true to hip hop’s roots. With songs like “Unstoppable” and “I Got It,” the dynamic duo is well on their way to making a huge impact on the music world. Rock On Philly got to chat with Moosh and Twist this week about their upcoming TLA show on February 27th, which is part of their Patiently Waiting Tour. We discussed life on the road, their new mixtape, Iggy Azalea, and more. Read on for the full scoop as well as for details on how to win tickets and meet + greet passes to the show!

Rock On Philly: Moosh and Twist. What a pleasure to talk music with you again! We are so excited for your February 27th show at the TLA. What can fans expect from it? Who will you be touring with?
Moosh & Twist: We wanted to do this tour for all the fans “patiently waiting” for our new mixtape. We’re gonna be performing a lot of new music. Our homies Ground Up are going to be opening the whole tour!

ROP: Very cool. And clever tour title. So what other cities are you hitting up on the Patiently Waiting Tour?
M&T: Toronto, DC, Atlanta. Gonna be a lot of fun!

ROP: I can imagine the touring life can be pretty crazy. What’s a typical day like in the life of Moosh and Twist on tour?
M&T: A lotta joking around. We like to have fun. Driving all day to the next city, listening to our favorite music in the van. Meeting the fans at the shows is the best. So rewarding.

ROP: And I know it’s super rewarding to the fans to be meeting you guys. How do you keep it together on the road? What are three things you can’t leave home without?
M&T: Headphones. Gotta have the headphones in all day. On the phone with our girlfriends. Listening to our new music trying to figure out how we can make it better. Conference calls with our booking agent. Always trying to get better.

ROP: So speaking of home, where is home these days?
M&T: We live in Philly and NYC. We’ve been living in the studio as of late to be honest.

ROP: So coming back to Philly for the show, what do you miss most?
M&T: Family. When we’re on the road it’s just tough not seeing family everyday. Our team is like family so it makes it a little easier but it’s definitely tough missing home.

ROP: Now back on the subject of the new mixtape. We’re really excited for it. What can you tell us about it?
M&T: The new mixtape is our best music yet. We haven’t announced the title yet. We’re excited. We’re trying a lot of new things on this project.

ROP: Well we will be here patiently waiting for it to drop! So onto some recent music happenings. There was a lot of controversy at the Grammys this year surrounding Iggy Azalea being nominated for Best Rap Album. You guys were vocal about it on Twitter. Can you explain your perspective on this?
M&T: It wasn’t a great year for the rap album category. She’s not a good rapper in our opinion. We’re open to all types of music. She had one of the biggest songs of the year though so gotta respect that.

ROP: Did you go to the Grammys this year?
M&T: Haha. Nah we haven’t been to the Grammy’s yet. One day soon though.

ROP: Without a doubt! Who were you rooting for?
M&T: It would’ve cool to see Childish Gambino win a Grammy. Kanye’s performance was awesome. Super pumped for his new album.

ROP: So what’s next for you in 2015?
M&T: 2015 is gonna be big. We’re performing at Wireless Fest with Drake in London. This new mixtape is gonna be crazy. We’re just feeling good. Living right. Trying to become better people.

If you’d like to chance to meet Moosh & Twist and see their show on February 27th at the TLA, comment below with your favorite Moosh & Twist song. The contest will run from now until Friday, February 20th at 8PM EST!

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  1. Mike McHale

    February 13, 2015 at 11:46 am

    I Got It

  2. Sarah Dalessio

    February 13, 2015 at 1:04 pm


  3. Joe

    February 14, 2015 at 2:47 pm


  4. Mason ebersole

    February 14, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    Black forrest gummy worms

  5. Richard Williams

    February 14, 2015 at 7:31 pm


  6. Jessie

    February 14, 2015 at 9:09 pm

    “Take Me Back” for sure!

  7. Austin

    February 14, 2015 at 9:13 pm

    City Kids

    • Tom Stride

      February 15, 2015 at 7:40 pm

      hnmm I def like out, but maybe it’s all good or live it up.

  8. Anthony Johnson

    February 14, 2015 at 10:06 pm

    I got it

  9. Marina McCann

    February 14, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    Tommy Bundy or Get It, Got It, Go

  10. Marina McCann

    February 14, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    Tommy Bundy, Mathematics or Get It, Got It, Go

  11. Kelly

    February 14, 2015 at 11:49 pm


  12. Thomas Traina

    February 15, 2015 at 12:05 am

    This High, Seen a Plane and Blake Griffin

  13. Teya

    February 15, 2015 at 9:27 am

    How We Do

  14. Dennis McCormick

    February 15, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    City kids

  15. Maggie Long

    February 16, 2015 at 12:14 am


  16. Pat Clark

    February 16, 2015 at 6:27 am

    Top Of The World

  17. Mike Kelly

    February 16, 2015 at 9:08 am

    City Kids

  18. Ricky

    February 16, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    “Top of the World” is an incredible record and message. It would be awesome to see OCD live in their hometown! I’ve been rocking with them since “City Kids.” These guys deserve the spotlight, without a doubt.

  19. Jessica

    February 18, 2015 at 3:17 am

    All that I know Ft. Hoodie Album is my favorite song. It’s great to hear two talented artists come up with such a dope song. My friends and I jam out to it all the time in the car, singing at the top of our lungs. It was a hard choosing just one song because they have so many great hits. City kids is second for me though!

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