Oscars Best Original Songs 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Oscars season! Let’s take a look at the original song nominations for this year:

Grateful – performed by Rita Ora, written by Diane Warren

Hate to say it, but “Grateful” is kind of the dud of the bunch. Rita Ora’s vocals are lackluster and the song is unoriginal.

Everything is Awesome – performed by Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island, written by Shawn Patterson

The LEGO Movie‘s main track is, no pun intended, pretty awesome. It’s also pretty infectious. Hard to say if it will walk away with the win, though. For all its fun and cheek, it’s a pop song that was popular for a hot second and not much longer.

I’m Not Gonna Miss You – performed by Glen Campbell, written by Glen Campbell and Julian Raymond

Campbell announced last year that “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” is the last song he’ll be recording in his career as he battles Alzheimer’s. The track is used in the documentary Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me. The documentary features music from heavy hitters such as Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, and U2’s The Edge, among others. “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” maintains Campbell’s musical excellence, and its profundity is inescapable. He’s already won the Grammy for Best Country Song for “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.”

Glory – performed and written by John Legend and Common

Nothing quite like a mashup of John Legend and Common, and “Glory” certainly recalls the music used in Selma. It’s cinematic, sweeping, and rousing. However, the song doesn’t quite build as much as it should. It hangs around the same level of intensity without pushing farther.

Lost Stars – performed by Adam Levine, written by Danielle Brisebois and Gregg Alexander

So wonderful to hear Adam Levine back where he belongs, ripping it up on an acoustic guitar without any of the pop music trickery he’s gotten into with Maroon 5. “Lost Stars” is a truly beautiful track, and the one that I’m certainly pulling for.

So tell us your predictions for Best Original Song in the comments below!

Image via Wikimedia commons.


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