Places to Go in the Snow: Philly Edition

Featured Image by Pedro Varela via Flickr

This winter has brought us some serious snow and cold. It is nothing compared to what came in 2010, but it still took a toll on much of Philadelphia. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to be a hermit and stay in while the snow blows all around. There are so many places to go to in Philly and stay out of the blistering cold and snow, and what will be listed is only a few of these many wonderful places. You can choose whether to trek in the snow on foot or in a vehicle, but you can get to these places either way…hopefully. These are in no particular order, just all the same levels of awesome.

For some mood music, we have selected “Snow (Hey Oh)” by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

1) World Cafe Live: University City


Image by Libby Parks via Flickr

2) Milkboy Philadelphia: Center City


Image by Samantha Sweeney at Rock On Philly’s Bubblegum’s Eve Event

3) Johnny Brenda’s: Fishtown

Johnny Brenda's Jessica Rossi

Image by Jessica Rossi via Flickr

4) Tin Angel: Old City

Tin Angel Peter T.

Image by Peter T. via Flickr

5) Underground Arts: Spring Garden

Underground Arts Vladimir

Image of the West Philadelphia Orchestra @ Underground Arts by Vladimir via Flickr

6) Philadelphia Museum of Art: Fairmount

Philly Museum of Art Tom Ipri

Image by Tom Ipri via Flickr

7) Reading Terminal Market: Market East/Center City

Reading Terminal Market Jennifer Boyer

Image by Jennifer Boyer via Flickr

8) The Trocadero: Chinatown

The Trocadero Seth Werkheiser

Image by Seth Werkheiser via Flickr

What are YOUR favorite places to go to in Philly during winter? Let us know in the comments after the jump!

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