Playlist Monday: 25 Years of Music from the Oscars

In honor of last night’s Academy Awards, we are going to take a listen down memory lane through the last 25 years of Oscars Best Original Song winners. In addition to the five nominees for 2015’s Best Original Song, our playlist brings you another 24 winners from over the years. From animated to foreign films, the playlist is diverse and shows the impressive evolution of the movie music business.

Update: Common & John Legend won Best Song last night for “Glory.”

1. Common, John Legend – “Glory”

2. Idina Menzel – “Let It Go”

3. Adele – “Skyfall”

4. Jason Segel, The Muppets – “Man Or Muppet”

5. Randy Newman – “We Belong Together”

Featured Image by AP Wirephoto (ebay) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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