Siren’s “The Row” adds a touch of the 90s to modern rock

Siren is a band based out of Italy, made up of Samuel Frondero on lead vocals and guitar, Jack Nardini on lead vocals and guitar, Marcus Kwaka on bass, vocals, and synth, and Mark “Spud” McKenzie on drums. Their latest release, The Row, is a must listen for fans of 90s alternative rock, as it echoes influences like Soundgarden, Rise Against, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Siren- "The Row"

Out of all the songs on the album, “Swan” stands out the most, featuring elements not often seen in alternative rock- including a female singer with operatic undertones, a flute, and a touch of Spanish guitar. The lead singer on this track really displays the richness of his voice as well.

Another standout track on The Row is “Mission. The guitars are driving, the melody is infectious, and the beat is impossible not to tap your foot to.

Next is “Lonely Dance,” another song that really spoke to me.  I half expected it to be a ballad but then it explodes into rock awesomeness, full on drums and electric guitars. The hook is also pretty solid as well, as the lead singer wails- “I just want to see you cuz I want to lose control.”

Finally, “Falling Down,” the last track on the album has a lot of interesting harmonies and a cool string section. Hearing these elements mixed with alternative rock is certainly interesting and I wish more bands did it.

If you’d like to check out the album in full, you can stream on Spotify below.

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