The World Tour Destroys The Electric Factory

Earlier this month, The World Tour hyped up Philadelphia before the show had even begun. A co-headlining tour between Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens has been long anticipated since the two collaborated on the single “King for a Day” in 2012. Bringing the show to the sold-out Electric Factory, both bands blew the audience away and certainly did not disappoint.

Mallory Knox opened the show with fierce instrumentals.


Frontman Mikey Chapman delivered passionate vocals and outstanding stage presence.


Counteracting the Cambridge natives’ post-hardcore sound, second opener PVRIS swept the audience into a groove with their swift, electronic melodies.


Frontwoman Lyndsey Gunnulfsen’s vocal control was stunning, and she reached even the highest notes with impressive ease.


The echoing synths complemented the guitars, and the drums provided an edge to create a memorable ensemble unique from, yet fitting with, the rest of the groups.


From the moment the curtain dropped following their “May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight” intro, Pierce the Veil brought pure adrenaline to the stage, kicking the show off with ferocity.


Their energy alone engaged the crowd, with few stage props outside of a backdrop used or needed to enhance their performance.


Frontman Vic Fuentes’ heartfelt singing was matched with passionate instrumentals, and the crowd was singing their part to the acoustic version of “I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket” before he even had a chance to ask for their help.


Pierce the Veil moved the crowd with “Hold On Till May,” bringing an unmatched level of force and emotion to their performance. Complete with an explosion of confetti to end the final chorus with a bang, literally.


They kept the crowd excited by serenading one lucky fan during “Bulletproof Love.”


Pierce the Veil completed their set with an unforgettable finale of “King for A Day” with Sleeping with Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn performing his part with the group and, in proper Pierce the Veil fashion, a maraca band outro to bid farewell.


Before hitting the stage, Sleeping with Sirens introduced themselves with a video montage highlighting each member’s personality.


They then burst onstage with a heart-racing, fist-pumping performance of “Kick Me” that made the new, fast-paced single seem mundane in comparison.


Sleeping with Sirens continued to showcase their new singles off the upcoming album Madness, to be released March 17, with perfect execution. Frontman Kellin Quinn’s vocals meshed seamlessly with flawless instrumentals.


Kellin nailed his signature beat-box during an acoustic version of “Roger Rabbit,” and the group continued with a live acoustic cover of The Goo Goo Dolls’ classic hit “Iris,” even more impressive than their recorded version.


The surprise of the night was a spine-chilling, impromptu acapella version of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday.”


Sleeping with Sirens closed their set and the night with a high-energy, ground-shaking performance of longtime crowd-pleaser “If You Can’t Hang.”


The World Tour stormed through the Electric Factory with unwavering force and remarkable delivery. Each artist brought an incredible level of energy and showmanship to the stage. The performances were unforgettable, and the experience exceeded all expectations.

Photography by Taylor Concannon.

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