Hozier Takes Philly to Church at the Electric Factory

Photography: Andrew Wick

If you needed to be anywhere Saturday night, it was at the Electric Factory witnessing a tall man and his guitar (well, and full band) transfixing an entire sold-out room of persons of all age groups, on two jam-packed floors. That tall man, namely, Hozier, needed no introduction as he and his band took the stage and put on an excitingly effortless show.

Andrew Hozier-Byrne and Co. played essentially his entire song catalog over the course of two magical hours, starting with the hypnotizing “Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene.” The rollicking yet transfixed crowd muted itself once the band began to play and roared to life after each and every song (though, the crowd could not contain itself in in the middle of “Cherry Wine“). The excitement exuding from both crowd and Hozier was give and take; the singer-songwriter was all smiles as he looked upon the crowd, and even fumbled on the setlist order after “To Be Alone.” He joked, “I could play ‘To Be Alone’ for days!” before giving the dark back story of the duet “In A Week” with cellist-vocalist Alana Henderson. During the encore, Hozier debuted both a perfect cover of “Problem” by his Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show mate Ariana Grande, as well as a new song entitled “Run.”

Opening for Hozier was the baby-faced and dangerous George Ezra, whose deep baritone voice surprised many in attendance. His short set was rife with songs from his debut album Wanted on Voyage, and delivered a deliciously soulful and bluesy set that gave me chills.

Hozier will be making his last stops on the tour now through March 20th.  Unfortunately, these last stops are sold-out, but get more information here. He will be back for Radio 104.5’s Birthday Show in May. George Ezra will also be making his fair share of stops until June, so be sure keep an eye (and ear!) out here.

You can check out more photos from the Electric Factory show below!


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