King Tuff’s Video for “Madness” Will Make You Want to Go On the Road with King Tuff

I want to go on the road with King Tuff. After watching his new video for “Madness,” you’ll probably want to go on the road with King Tuff too. The road with King Tuff is lined with hitchhiking gorillas and a complete disregard for any venue code of conduct that might prohibit crowd surfing. The road with King Tuff is all elbows and free fan beer and bloodshot spider-web eyes that follow you all through the night until you let your guard down on-stage during a killer pick slide and suddenly, without realizing it, they’ve become your eyes. It’s fast food dinners over van-bench tables. It’s making sure you put as many la la las in your songs as you can so that you’re able to remember the lyrics when the time comes to summon them.

I’m going to find a way to go on the road with King Tuff.

King Tuff will be storming into Philly on April 1st at Union Transfer. I’ll be the guy hitchhiking outside in a banana suit.

Watch the band’s video for “Madness” below:

Image courtesy of the artist

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