Spirit Haus Marks a New Direction for Bruno Catrambone

Those familiar with the Philly music scene should know of CRUISR and their fun, happy-go-lucky indie pop sound. Their guitarist, Bruno Catrambone, recently developed a side project that diverges from CRUISR’s sound quite a bit. As the alter ego Spirit Haus, Catrambone released a single on Soundcloud called “I Know You’re Worried.” Its low-fi sound is spacey and psychedelic, reminiscent of Tame Impala but more contemplative. Rock On Philly had the opportunity recently to speak to Catrambone about this new sound and upcoming plans for CRUISR as well.

Catrambone admits that Spirit Haus developed accidentally. “It was never an intentional thing; I was just making music for fun and trying out new sounds, but then I showed some of my friends and got a positive response,” he explains. The name of project derives from this genesis in Catrambone’s apartment (“haus” is the German word for “house”).

The electronic, low-fi sound of Spirit Haus comes from Catrombone’s own curiosity and influence from NYC band Black Marble. “I was taken aback from their sound when my friend showed me,” he says. “I loved the lo-fi simplicity, and also loved how it was dark but also somehow upbeat.” On Spirit Haus’ Facebook page, the sound is described as “ethereal pop,” which best sums up the otherworldly sound of “I Know You’re Worried.”

Spirit Haus now has at least four songs finished, and recently teamed up with Manimal Records. They are debating whether Spirit Haus will release an EP or singles, but Catrambone promises that new material will be released soon. The music video for “I Know You’re Worried” will debut on Soundcloud shortly, and he might play some local shows soon. Follow the Facebook page for Spirit Haus for all updates.

Meanwhile, things have not slowed down for CRUISR. The band just released the fun, catchy single “Go For It” and they are currently on a “mini-tour” as they head down to Austin’s SXSW festival, where they will perform at the festival for the first time. You can follow CRUISR on Twitter to see their adventures heading down to Texas.

Catrambone doesn’t plans to slow down with Spirit Haus, despite his busy schedule with CRUISR. “The nice thing is that I can work on Spirit Haus whenever and wherever I want,” he says. He’s also “writing all the time” and his lyrics are often influenced by the literature he reads at the moment. “I love when an idea comes from a book I’m reading, it’s like combining two different forms of art,” he explains.

For now, Catrambone is perfectly content with the dichotomy of his two projects, and jokes that now he can be “happy and sad at the same time.”

Image courtesy of the artist

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