The Lone Bellow on New Albums and Sold-Out Tours

Brooklyn-based trio The Lone Bellow have garnered plenty of fans and praise along the way to the release of their sophomore album, titled Then Came the Morning. Though the album has only been available since the end of January, the band managed to sell out every date of the release tour; just another feather in the Lone Bellow cap. The group — composed of Kanene Pipkin, Zach Williams, and Brian Elmquist, and featuring some instrumentation by Kanene’s husband Jason Pipkin — will celebrate the end of this tour with yet another sold-out show tonight at Underground Arts with California songstress Odessa. Those who didn’t manage to snag tickets to the show can still celebrate with a free download of “Leave Me or Let Me Go,” a thank-you from The Lone Bellow to the fans that helped sell out the tour.

Check out Rock on Philly’s interview with these three artists, below, and get a taste of the new album by watching the official video for “Fake Roses”, the second track on Then Came the Morning.

Rock on Philly: You just released Then Came the Morning in January, and it’s received lots of positive attention so far. Has there been anything unexpected about the public’s reaction to the album?

Kanene Pipkin: We took a lot of risks with this record, from songs to production, and we knew the reception would run the gamut of acceptance. By and large, we’ve been very encouraged by the reaction to this record, mostly because we are such firm believers in it. To hear people echo your belief in your work is something that you hope for, but can never expect. It’s beautiful when they do.

Zach Williams: Absolutely. We were beside ourselves when we found out that our U.S. Tour sold out. Each show is a different adventure and it’s so beautiful hearing the folks sing along to the new album. Huge.

Brian Elmquist: Well, the fact that we sold out most of our tour before the record even came out was very unexpected for me.  It’s so early in the game, but the fact that people are singing these songs and as excited as we are is definitely beautiful and unexpected.

ROP: Tell us about finishing up that sold-out tour. What has that experience been like?

KP: It’s been completely surreal. It feels like a huge celebration every night.

ZW: Yeah, the sold out tour was a first for us. We’ve sold out shows in particular cities before, but an entire tour was something completely different. I think my personal favorite part was knowing that we’d be greeted by the listeners with a freedom to move whichever way the evening took us.

BE: These people have been with us a long time, they bought tickets really early. I feel like we can truly make ambitious and sometimes scary moves during the live show, now.

ROP: Have there been any other firsts for the band, recently?

KP: We finally got to play our first New York late night show, when we played Letterman the day our record was released. To finally shake his hand and say thank you for all of the great music he supports on his show, that was a dream come true for me.

BE: People are moving around swapping instruments.

ZW: Kanene’s now playing bass and keys during the live show as well as Jason switching between bass and keys. We also recorded our first side project demo from the road. We did it in green rooms and hotel rooms with our drummer Justin Glasco behind the producer wheel.

ROP: From Canada to the South, and the Midwest to your home in the Northeast, you’ve been everywhere recently. Have there been any spots that were unexpectedly great?

ZW: San Luis Obispo, California last fall. At one point, the band and the entire crowd all hit their knees during a song we play called “If Heaven Don’t Call Me Home.” That was unforgettable.

KP: We had never played a proper show in Charlottesville, VA, but Jason and I are from close by in Fredericksburg, so we were especially anticipating that show, wondering what it would be like. It was one of the most enjoyable nights of playing music that we’ve ever had.

BE: Not that I didn’t expect Charlottesville to be great, but it was pretty incredible. We had never played there before and there was a big room full of people ready to go wherever we were going.  It was the best we played all tour and the crowd was sometimes singing louder than we were.

ROP: Is there anything in particular that you’re looking forward to when you come to Philly this week? 

KP: The soothing sound of David Dye‘s voice on the radio, and the excellent crowds.

BE: Some Insomnia Cookies!

ZW: Philly was the first real show we ever played as a band a few years back. I love going back there because the Philly folks who come out to the shows have an honest grit to them. It’s a good kindness.

ROP: Thanks so much for answering our questions. Here’s to hoping you get all the cookies, WXPN, and good Philly folks you could ask for!

Image courtesy of the artist.

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