What to Expect from Kanye’s Upcoming Album

Kanye’s next album So Help Me God is due any minute now. The hype surrounding Kanye’s latest venture is strange to say the least — this doesn’t have the fun of the GOOD Friday mixtapes from before My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy (2010) dropped — and it’s hard to tell just what we’re getting ourselves into with Ye again. We have four completely different songs with which to begin making guesses about the new album:

Only One

“Only One” has been the forerunner for the album, the first single released and still the most hyped. A delicate ode to his mother, his daughter, and himself, “Only One” could have been an 808s and Heartbreak (2008) b-side.


“Wolves” is stunning (starts at 2:39). When we think about Kanye and his innovation in the music scene, this is what we’re looking for. Something that sounds different and pulls together unique collaborations.

All Day

“All Day” was leaked a while ago, but this is the first official release. This is Fantasy Kanye back in the game, a no-holds-barred assault on the ear. And let’s just take a moment to admire that flamethrower…


“Awesome” is anything but. In his first ode to his wife Kim, Kanye pulls out a flat, boring, uninspiring auto-tuned ditty that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the album.

With four completely different songs, it’s hard to say just what the rest of the album is going to sound like. If one thing has been consistently true about Kanye’s albums, it’s that they maintain a cohesion so airtight it’s remarkable. These four songs don’t work together in the slightest. “Awesome” and “Only One” could point to an 808s follow-up, but “Wolves” sounds more like a growth from the minimalism on Yeezus (2013), and “All Day” is a total throwback to old Ye. With any luck, “Awesome” and “Only One” will be scrapped before the final cut of the album — they’ll make for decent singles — and we’ll be left with something that’s a little more avant garde, combining the starkness of “Wolves” with the aggression of “All Day” for a natural progression from Yeezus.

Conspiracy theorists seem to think the album is due to drop on March 25, but when it comes to Kanye, nothing is predictable. Let’s just hope for another winning album from Kanye and not a complete dud. If So Help Me God is going to sound anything like “FourFiveSeconds,” we’re golden, but Rihanna’s new album just might show Kanye up this season:

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