Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION Talks Run, Inspiration, and Touring

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AWOLNATION is coming to Philly for the Radio 104.5 8th Birthday Show on May 10. Rock On Philly had the pleasure of chatting with Aaron Bruno, the man behind AWOLNATION, and ask a few questions about the upcoming tour and the new album, Run.

Rock On Philly: The album is quite diverse in the sounds you chose. There’s an almost-jazz piano song (“Jailbreak”), Industrial sounds, and more of the “Sail”-ish quality/hiphop ish on “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf).” Where does the inspiration for your sounds come from?

Aaron Bruno: The inspiration, [rather] the influence of the music that I have listened to since I was kid. The songwriting comes [instinctively], any ideas that come into my head, I try my best to record that idea and make it a reality in the studio.

ROP: You have a toned-down Industrial sound (especially on “Run”) that I’m really liking because I’m a huge Industrial fan. What are you doing that sets you apart from artists in that particular genre?

AB: I gotta tell you, I didn’t see it as Industrial [but] I see it’s easy to put a label on different types of music.  I try to work with a combination of sounds I like that make its way into the music.  There is a brutal sound that a guitar makes that makes you question, like, ‘what instrument is that?’. Like a snare drum, I wanted the smaller snare drum because the guitars were so enormous and [the genre-crossing] was not intentional. We do not have to stick to one particular genre; we have free-reign of it all.

ROP: Where did the inspiration for Run (album) come from?

AB: It came from a similar place – life in general. Much more personal and all equally personal, lyrically more personal where Megalithic [Symphony] was more about life in general and world issues, politics. And this record was more about how I was feeling personally and its been awesome seeing the reaction to the honesty.

ROP: What made you choose “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” as the first single?
AB: That’s a good question. I still don’t really know. It was kind of a process of elimination. There were five songs that a lot of people wanted to go with. And the compromise was “Hollow Moon,” kind of tricking people into going with what I wanted originally. And, it’s our first first #1 song [on Billboard]. Which goes to show it’s all relative but, it’s incredible that it all lit up for me. As a singer/songwriter, you have this fantasy with people doing anything interactive thing that people would do at a concert, this is the best choice. Just got to keep your head down and go forward. It’s such strange song and I’m really proud of the team getting this far. It’s a huge blessing for sure.
ROP: Run is markedly darker sonically than Megalithic Symphony. What prompted that shift in tone?
AB: I think the whole direction of alternative music is more poppy th. It’s more poppy in alternative radio than it used to be so, I felt naturally that I wanted to go in a darker direction. I can give all these explanations but, I write the songs that I’m capable of writing and that’s who I am and that’s who I will be.
ROP: You’re coming to Philly for the Radio 104.5 8th Birthday Show, but you’re also all over the place touring. How does tour-life overseas compare to touring here?
Overseas, they’ve been doing massive festivals over there for a lot longer and the US is catching up [with] Coachella and Bonnaroo. There are great festivals [in both places]. In Europe before, they had a wider variety of bands and celebrate all kinds of different bands playing. The US has come up and kind-of mimicking that, and both are becoming very similar, [which is really great to see].
ROP: What’s next for AWOLNATION?
Mostly touring and other different projects that we’re rocking. Spreading the word of this new record and Run.
Be on the look out for AWOLNATION around town, and pick up a copy of Run here!

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