Amy Winehouse Documentary Coming To Theaters

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Director Asif Kapaida, amongst the team behind the BAFTA Award-winning Sennais poised to release Amya documentary film about the late songstress Amy Winehouse. The UK release date is July 3.

The news came late July 2011 that Amy Winehouse had passed away. I first heard while on a film set in Virginia, and the words came and went before they really hit me. Amy Winehouse had died. She was only 27.

Hard to believe that it’ll have been four years since, isn’t it? The captivating voice, her haunting lyrics of love come and gone, and the hopes and despairs of a woman with modest expectations of herself as a singer–it was what made her intriguing and mesmerizing. Her vintage polish was masterful, and she might have been ahead of her time. The dichotomy of her Motown reminiscence makes it perplexing to say such a thing though.

Amy was in a class of her own. And damn was it a shame to see her go. That news hurt that day, even though I had never even met her. But I’ll be looking forward to catching an honest glimpse into her life.

Find more information on the film’s website:

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  1. Lauren S

    April 4, 2015 at 11:50 pm

    This was a very haunting trailer. I sometimes forget Amy Winehouse is truly gone from this world. Hopefully the documentary does her justice!

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