Being Bitten by Vita and the Woolf’s Fang Song

A chill settles in whenever Jennifer Pague’s voice hits its zenith. The sensation is like a cold spring night that creeps up, and then she bites you with her antithetical warmth. Isn’t it strange how something warm feel cold at the same time, and still soothe? Take this with a grain of salt, because without that contrast, a voice like this would fall flat. But the way Pague rises and falls with no disproportion. Instead, she takes your hand and frolics with you in the air, up and down. She’s not showing off that she can fly. She might be just as amazed as you are about it, and she’s excited to share with you.

I think of when Aladdin asked Jasmine if she trusted him. Yes, Jen. I trust you.

She can show you the world. There’s so much to see, through her eyes and through her voice. Her howls to the moon are both doleful and rosy with hope. Vita and the Woolf‘s Fang Song is a hypnotic and paralyzing EP. The acoustic guitar backed by the fluid Adam Shumski on the drums is not the typical singer/songwriter fare that drones. The songs are big: vast in poetic depth and layered in sound. Fang Song is a thoughtfully epic and hauntingly arousing excursion. There’s no beating over the head with how much power and attention she commands. The EP plays like a bedtime story for grownups. The intricacies of adventure, faith, and the things long gone in between today and the metaphorical yesterday is the recipe for getting lost in a sway on purpose. Fang Song bites you right on the nape, and draws out your soul like you’ve always wanted.

Jennifer Pague is a siren hero in the night.

Fang Song has the sort of harmony that echoes from a woman who has traveled far. She’s found places that she can call home, and she’s written it all down in a diary. There’s hints of beauty, tragedy, and reflection. Compare her to Florence Welch if you must, but call her the sister that doesn’t get as much attention but is just as good.

She is not a copy.

Vita and the Woolf recently succeeded in a crowdfunding campaign to help them with the development of a new album coming in Fall 2015. They’ll be playing at XPNFest alongside acts including My Morning Jacket, St. Vincent, and Grace Potter. Beforehand, catch them as Rock On Philly hosts another Songwriters in the Round on Thursday, May 7th at Tin Angel. You can purchase tickets here.

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  1. Samantha Sweeney

    April 28, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    I was so blown away by this album!

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