Celebrating Roy Orbison: Why You Should Already Know Him

What a day to celebrate some mysterious and commonly unknown fun facts about the singer behind “Oh, Pretty Woman”! The presence and legacy of the deep-voiced Roy Orbison is as inescapable as his legendary and memorable appearance.

Although “Only The Lonely” might have the time to have dug deeper and learned about “The Big O”, many may be unaware of some of the stories behind his biggest moments in a storied career that saw 15 Top 40 hits!

If you want to pay respects to the crooning “Crying” singer of whom The King himself admired for his vocal gifts, you may wish to brush up on your treasure-hunting skills on account of his grave at Westwood Memorial Park cemetery in L.A. being unmarked, and thus rightfully taking its place among posthumous musician lore.

Orbison’s biggest hits came amidst the British Invasion, out-gunning acts such as The Beatles for that coveted space near the top of the chart, but one of his biggest tunes “Only The Lonely” may have never been sung by that iconic voice we hear it in as it was originally written for either Elvis Presley or the Everly Brothers!

Fans of Roy’s song “In Dreams” as well as fans of David Lynch film “Blue Velvet” may be unaware that Lynch requested use of the song from Orbison for the film and was turned down, ultimately using the song despite the rejection. Fortunately for Lynch, Roy warmed up to its use despite initially being caught by surprise.

With some of his tragic losses, one might imagine this legendary singer died of a broken heart, although he had certainly been in good company at the time. He had just recorded a successful album with a band that included George Harrison, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty!

Fortunately “The Big O” lives on forever through his music and unforgettable hit songs, so on this day we hope you will join us at Rock On Philly in celebrating the truly iconic and great, one-and-only Roy Orbison!

Featured Image by Jac. de Nijs / Anefo (Nationaal Archief) via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Lauren Silvestri

    April 23, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    Love Roy Orbison, a true classic!

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