Halestorm Continues the Party in Into The Wild Life

As an avid rock’n’roll fan who longs for the days of the Sunset Strip golden age (Guns’n’Roses, Motley Crue, Van Halen, etc.), I’m grateful for bands like Halestorm who still produce solid rock songs with the perfect amount of edge and swagger. Shockingly, this quality is hard to find in the singer-songwriter dominated landscape of the 2010’s. Doesn’t anyone want to party like a true rock star anymore?

Well, it looks like Halestorm does with their third studio album Into the Wild Life. The band, originally from the small town of Red Lion, Pennsylvania, released the album on April 14th and it contains 15 well-developed songs, no filler here. If you are a fan of Halestorm’s former hits like “I Get Off” and “Freak Like Me,” this record should not disappoint. Songs “Apocalyptic” and “Amen” are fun, catchy, and very radio-friendly (but not in a negative sense). The same could be said for “Mayhem” and “I Like it Heavy.” “Gonna Get Mine” slowly burns to cathartic buildup, with a guitar solo reminiscent of Slash. The album is filled with high energy from start to finish, a perfect one to play before you head out for a night on the town.

To reduce Into the Wild Life to just a party record, however, would not do justice to the raw emotions on the record and vocalist/guitarist Lzzy Hale’s talent. Her voice adds so much to the band’s sound that it’s astounding how few female voices still exist in rock. Hale has become the poster child for female rock musicians today, like Ann Wilson was in the 1970’s. It may be a reluctant title but Hale should be proud of the legacy she is creating. Into the Wild Life has a tinge of feminism spirit, more riot grrrl than Beyoncé. “Sick Individual” is a sexy, motivational song with a “screw you” attitude to the haters, while “Dear Daughter” slows it down and is a touching piano ballad. On MetalRockNews.com, Hale explains how “Dear Daughter” is about encouraging young women (and men) to follow their dreams. “Bad Girls World” explores how society treats women. “They’ll hate you because you’re beautiful,” Hale wails in the track. It’s refreshing to see a band produce a fun rock record that still has substance.

Overall, Into the Wild Life is a more-than-solid rock album that should age well with time. Halestorm is scheduled to play 93.3 WMMR’s MMRBQ at the Susquehanna Bank Center on Saturday, May 16th. Before Halestorm hits the stage you want to make sure you memorize the words to the songs first, so buy the album here!

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