Kate Nyx Bewitches, Empowers with Sage and Silver Bullets

Kate Nyx, the artist formerly known as Hayley Jane, has a fiery and bewitching new album out today entitled Sage and Silver Bullets that yearns for your ears.  The album takes the listener on a journey through swamp, through fire, and some good ol’-fashioned bluesy tunes as if she were Johnny Cash incarnate in female form with a glass of whiskey in hand.

“Black Sky Lullaby” sets the stage for progression, raw acoustics, and “harvesting the thunder” as she references nature as a driving force for self-empowerment and casting away demons throughout the album.  These themes progress as Nyx harkens Christian myth and iconography, as well as the omnipresence of hell in a raw yet guarded way.  “The Curse of Eve” is an example of this yet, instead of the usual “original sin” story associated with her, Nyx blames the eating of the apple with the curse of an eating disorder. “Diagnonsense” has a jazzy sound that borders on Billie Holiday mixed with Fiona Apple, and yet does not yearn for a man; rather, her exploration is entirely within the self, and that is completely refreshing.

While her use of iconography is neither damning or celebratory, the album’s true fire comes in spurts then a forest-fire, like on the dangerous “In Your Grave,” the mystifying “Bianca,” and finishing off strong with the somber “Road to Hell.” On these particular tracks, Nyx unleashes a wall of sound with strings and backup vocals that leaves the listener mystified and satisfied, as if the Lancaster-born singer-songwriter set fire to trees that you hated and left the ashes to sit.

Join Kate Nyx for her album release party tonight, April 11, at Ruba Club Studios.  Click the banner below for tickets and info!


Listen to Sage and Silver Bullets below!

Featured Image courtesy of the Artist

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