Led Zeppelin Replaces Robert Plant with Hologram

Led Zeppelin has announced a new world-tour! Still reeling from Robert Plant‘s abrupt departure in 2007, the iconic group has now replaced the singer with a new likeness to kick-start the tour: Plant…as a hologram.

Unable replicate Plant’s irreplaceable vocal and performance style, the band has “amicably” decided with the iconic vocalist that while he is still needed for the tour, he does not need to be physically present. Though his vehement statement to Rolling Stone “I’m not part of a jukebox” may still be ringing in the ears of some, Plant seems to have softened his stance by allowing his voice and likeness to be used throughout the upcoming tour.  He says, in an exclusive statement: “I realize it would be an injustice to the fans if my voice was not part of the whole thing.”

Artists using holograms for their performances is not an uncommon tactic, according to Hologramtix, whose technology will be utilized for this upcoming tour. Hologram likenesses are typically used by performers who can no longer be physically present, such as the deceased Michael Jackson, TuPac, and Liberace, but have been steadily gaining popularity in the last few years, as holograms of funny man Jimmy Kimmel as well as of the German band Tokio Hotel have been used in performances nationally and worldwide.

Tickets go on sale TODAY for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Get them here.

What do you think of this bold move by Led Zeppelin and Plant?  Tell us in the comments below!

Featured Image courtesy of Hologramtix

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