Passion Pit’s Kindred Overflows with Cheery Synth-Pop

Kindred– (noun) one’s family and relations; (adj.) similar in kind, related, having the same belief, attitude, or feeling. 

The title of Passion Pit‘s recently released album can be taken into many different contexts, including ones that directly related to it’s definition. However, with the many known hardships that frontman Michael Angelakos has gone through, the album seem to reflect all of these definitions at once.

Kindred is the band’s third studio album, which was released through Columbia Records. It’s been almost three years since their last album, Gossamer, was released, and it seems like the songs in this new record take a more optimistic route compared to their previous album. The majority of the band’s previous work has had that Synth-Pop sound, but it was lyrically dark. Kindred still blasts with cheery Synth-Pop, but adds a bit of funk and 80s Dance-Pop sounds and the lyrics show proof that Angelakos is doing better. The opener to the album “Lifted Up (1985)” is one of a few songs that is upbeat all around and is a love song, on top of everything.

However, when one really looks at the lyrics, most of them have key verses that are familiar in the sense that they have been heard before in a multitude of other Pop songs. “Where The Sky Hangs” has evidence of that, with the lyrics “I was lost, now I’m found/ I put my hands to the air and my knees to the ground, yeah” and “I get caught up in your heartstrings/ Way up, where another sky hangs.”

Kindred, in general, is definitely full of happy, poppy goodness (almost too full), but one can’t help but think of the similarities between these songs and the songs on Gossamer. It’s not much of a bad thing, especially when this sound has worked in the past. Their past albums have obviously resonated with fans, but a little more change would have made this album really stand out.

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