Philadelphia Ranks as One of the Most Affordable Cities for Concerts

As if you needed another reason to love Philadelphia, here’s one more: Philadelphia ranks as one of the most affordable cities for concerts.

The information comes from, the leading savings marketplace for live event tickets. The company analyzed average ticket reseller (secondary market) prices for all tickets for sale for all concerts as of April 14, 2015. Performers with less than six shows in four different venues were excluded. found that the average price of summer concert tickets on the secondary market in 2015 is $189.23, while Philadelphia’s average is $169, significantly lower than neighbor New York City’s $218. You can compare the other cities here on the infographic:

Concert Map

According to their findings, the most expensive venue in Philadelphia is Lincoln Financial Field, while the Electric Factory is the least expensive (bars with live music were not included).

These findings only support what many Philadelphians already believe – that Philly has the potential to become the next music “scene.” We’ve had a thriving scene for years, but now more people are noticing. As places like NYC and San Francisco continue to raise the cost of living, more and more people are calling Philadelphia their home. We already have the great food, and more music venues are being created. It’s definitely an exciting time to be in Philly.

What do you think of the Philadelphia music scene and its available venues? Let us know in the comments and listen to “No Silence in the City ” by local band Cold Roses below.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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