Precious Child Rocked Legendary Dobbs on Saturday

Saturday was bright and sunny in the City of Brotherly Love but you wouldn’t know it if you spent the afternoon at Legendary Dobbs. Their all ages Rock N Metal Matinee featured a lineup of notable acts including Precious Child out of Baltimore.

This dark rock band stayed true to form even before they started playing, drawing the curtain on the only window in Dobbs’ upstairs music space, shrouding the audience in darkness. The music would match this somber, earthy mood.

Comprised of lead singer Precious, Billy P on Bass, and Skyler on Drums, the Precious Child sound was full, too full perhaps to be contained by the tiny music space. At times it was difficult to hear Precious’ voice underneath the bass, but when it did peak through, it was extraordinary.

The band has a lot of charisma as well and put 150% into their performance. It was almost theatrical, which I loved. Their costuming added to the drama. Precious for instance donned feathers  and for the last song the whole band wore mysterious black masks.

If you’re into dark rock, this is definitely a band you should check out. They recently did a music video for their song, “I Fall,” which features Nina Burns from America’s Next Top Model.


For more info on the band, visit their website here.

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  1. Ash

    May 25, 2015 at 4:13 pm

    This show was sick btw.

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