Rock On Hillary: Songs for the Clinton Campaign Trail

Hillary Clinton has announced that she is running for President, again!

In honor of this news why not celebrate with some White House-worthy music? We have compiled a playlist of everything from fun female musicians to strong and fun and uplifting songs that can inspire some pep in that step while on the campaign trail!

A few suggestions for Hillary’s playlist for her campaign:

You’re doing it Hillary! Much like Charli XCX and Rita Ora

and just to keep the good vibes alive, how much fun are Matt and Kim?

Meghan Trainor speaks to the Hillary Clinton we know (and love) from the 90’s…

For Hillary the pressure is on! As a fellow head-turner Rosie Lowe handles the overwhelming attention by hiding under a sheet.

It would be rude not to… Beyonce with an appropriate final thought: Superpower!

Enjoy the full playlist here and feel that campaign trail feeling!

Featured Image by Alan C. via Flickr

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