Walk The Moon’s 80’s Explosion at TLA

Featured Image by Neon Tommy via Flickr

Walking into the TLA on Monday for the sold out Walk The Moon show at 8:15, the place was already sweltering from the fans dancing along to The Griswolds on stage. The first time I saw these Australian studs play in Philly was at Boot & Saddle in June when they played for an intimate audience that barely qualified as a crowd, and then at Union Transfer in August. Since then, you can tell how many more fans they made from the amount of people singing along. Their performance was contagious and moving was mandatory.

Lead singer Chris Whitehall, bassist Tim John, drummer Lucky West, and guitarist Danny Duque-Perez had everything down tight as they rocked their way through their hits from their latest full album Be Impressive, like “Down and Out,” “Be Impressive,” and “Beware the Dog.” Their energy is something you would expect out of frat boys down for a wild night, without the obnoxiousness and better clothes.

Ending on “Heart of a Lion,” The Griswolds performed a truly solid set as they surely gained more fans, performing for the sold out crowd. They come quite frequently to Philly and perform with vigor every single time, regardless if they’re playing a room of 15 people or a packed house. If you’re missing out on their Saturday performance at Firefly Festival, you can catch them at MilkBoy on June 17th as they play their first headlining show in Philly.

I didn’t know what to expect as the lights went down and The Lion King’sCircle of Life” started playing, but that’s when Walk The Moon took stage. The energy of “Different Colors” was perfect for opening up their act. Their sound has caught national attention for the over the top blend of 80’s rock and modern guitar riffs, and the visual didn’t disappoint either. Neon lights flashed nostalgically for the dads in the bar area. Lead singer Nicholas Petricca sported a bright blue parka that made him shine like a superstar. The only thing missing was some heavy pyrotechnics to complete the throwback look.

Walk The Moon fans participated in this 80’s dance party clapping and waving along as the band ripped through “Tightrope” and “Avalanche.” The heat inside TLA was intensified as the dancing continued throughout the band’s entire set. “Work This Body” had an added flair section in addition to it’s already quirky melody that showed their playfulness during live shows.

The long anticipated “Shut Up And Dance” closed out their regular set as the venue showed no signs of holding back and singing along to every word. This song caught on like rapid fire in 2014 and you could see why, as young teenagers and older fans danced in unison together.

The encore happened soon after with a cover of The Killers‘ “All These Things That I’ve Done.” This was the most perfect cover for Walk The Moon to do, allowing them to showcase their modern rock edge and vocal range as dynamic as Brandon Flowers‘. “Anna Sun” closed out the show as the band rallied The Griswolds on to the stage to perform together for a wild dance party.

Walk The Moon is so unique in the alternative rock genre and they excel in every way. They will be back in the area on May 10th for Radio 104.5’s Birthday Show at Susquehanna Bank Center for another sold out show. You can also find them at Firefly on Friday’s lineup. There’s a reason why their shows are so hard to get tickets for and that speaks for their talent.

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