Why Aren’t You Listening to: Cayetana

“Why Aren’t You Listening to” is an irregularly-running series at Rock on Philly, spotlighting artists in Philly and beyond that you should be keeping an eye (and ear) out for! This installment focuses on punky Philadelphia ladies Cayetana.

Why you should be listening: Besides their most recent win as Tri State Indie’s Punk Band of the Year, you mean? How about because the trio has songs called things like “Serious Things are Stupid” and “Hot Dad Calendar” on their latest album Nervous Like Me? The whole thing is chock-full of the kind of catchy, rocking numbers that will have you embracing your inner riot grrl and tossing your head from side to side. Best to get to know all the words now, so you can scream along with the best of fans when these ladies open for RX Bandits on April 17th at the Trocadero (tickets) and Alkaline Trio at TLA on May 8th (tickets).

Sounds like: The grown-up, still-vicious version of the torn-jeans-and-wild-hair band every girl in high school wanted to be in.

Listen to: “Hot Dad Calendar“–because besides being the best song title EVER, it’s also got the perfect mix of punky vibes and pop sensibilities to get any day started with a good singalong. You’ll be yelling “I know you wanna make it out alive” in no time.

Featured Image by Jess Flynn via Facebook 

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