10 Things Every Musician Is Tired Of Hearing

Musicians spend their days… and nights working on their craft. Mastering their instruments, writing the perfect set of lyrics and finding the melody that will melt everyone’s hearts is something that they love doing. Everyone is interested in what’s inside a musician’s mind. What goes on inside that little head that creates all of this awesome music? Sometimes, they want to talk but other times they just get sick of hearing the same things over, and over again. Without further ado, here are the top ten things musicians are sick and tired of hearing…

10. “You know who you sound like…?” 


Musicians work day in and day out to create a sound that is all their own. Sure, they all have influences, but they don’t want to sound like anyone but themselves. Music is about creativity and originality. Being told they sound like someone else crushes their ego a little bit!

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9. “If there was a bar there I would come…”


Playing a show isn’t about the alcohol, ladies and gents. You should be going to a show to enjoy the music, not the liquor. Saying this to a musician is pretty much telling them they aren’t good enough to listen to sober.

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8. “Why aren’t you in a band…?”


Singer/Songwriters don’t need a band behind them to show off their talent. It’s important that you respect their craft just as much as you respect the bands with heavy guitar solos and awesome drum fills.

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7. “What time do you go on..?”


Does it really matter? Musicians want you to come to their shows and have a good time. It’s not only about the set that they’re playing. It’s about the environment, the networking, the other bands that practiced for hours for their set. Support music for everyone, not just your friends.

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6. “You guys are good, can I have a free CD…?”


Sure! You can totally take this free CD that we spent $10,000 dollars on. We didn’t sleep for months, and ate leftover pizza for weeks recording this album in the studio, but sure… you can have it for free. Support the music you love! Some bands need that $10 they make off of an album purchase for gas to get to their next gig!

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5. “I’ll be in a band with you.. I sing in my shower and it’s pretty good…”



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4. “Have you ever listened to…”


If someone is a musician, they’ve probably listened to the band you’re about to mention…especially if they fall anywhere near the genre in which they play. Talk to them about their music and how much it RULES!

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3. “Do you ever think you’ll be famous…?”


Yes! This is what these people were born to do. Dreams are one of the most important things to have in your life. Without them, there would be nothing to reach for. Every musician has a little voice in the back of their minds that says “You’re going to make it big one day.”

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2. “Can I play your instrument…?” 


Some musicians have saved money since their seventh grade allowance to afford the instrument of their dreams. You can look, but you can’t touch.

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1. “FREEBIRD….!”


Give up! It is NEVER going to happen!

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Are you a musician? What are some things you are tired of hearing? Tell us in the comments below!

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