AVAN LAVA’s TC Milan talks Yachts, Jonas Brothers, and Fashion

AVAN LAVA is heating up the electronic-dance scene in the best way possible, and bringing all that crazy happy energy to MilkBoy on May 27.  In anticipation of the show, Rock On Philly sat down with the charismatic TC Milan to discuss yachts, the Jonas Brothers, and fashion…oh, and music, too.

Rock On Philly: What does your name mean? Where did that come from?
TC Milan: AVAN LAVA holds a different meaning for everyone. We didn’t want a name that had any preconceived definitions or associations to anything else. AVAN LAVA is whatever you want it to be.

ROP: For the average listener, how would you describe your sound?
TCM: Life-rejuvenating pop music.

ROP: Tell me about yourselves – what was your journey to music and, then, to each other
TCM: We all have diverse musical backgrounds. Ian [Pai] and Le Chev met touring the world with Fischerspooner. Then in 2010, Ian found me (TC Milan) performing in a downtown theater show set to the music of Jeff Buckley, and invited me to collaborate with them in the studio. It quickly became clear that we weren’t only excelling as musical partners, but as friends. We’re basically three brothers making pop music… like the Jonas Brothers, but hotter!

ROP: Take us through your songwriting process–where does it start, where does it flow, where does it end (if ever)?
TCM: Our favorite thing to do, which many bands like to do, is go on writing retreats to remote places where no one can find us. NYC is so insane and exciting that it’s nearly impossible to focus on any one thing for too long. So usually we start with a beat, sometimes a melody or story, and then it becomes a think tank where we’re all working to make the best song happen. We also have to give a shout out to our boy Yung Diamnd who’s usually there with us for that first part of the writing process. Usually a song ends right as we’re sending it off to get mastered. It’s hard to ever say a song is actually finished…

ROP: What do you feel sets you apart from other dance-pop acts out there?
TCM: Well, we’re always pretty happy haha!! When we see other bands having a [crappy] time at SXSW or on the road in some desolate region, we’re still smiling and playing pranks on each other, looking for the best taco or dance party. Really most bands we play with are awesome people. We’ve had a great time playing with Little Boots, Body Language, Zebra Katz, French Horn Rebellion, X Ambassadors.. We’re privileged to have such a tight knit community here in Brooklyn. 

ROP: Have you been to Philly before?  What was the experience like, if so? How does it compare to NYC?
TCM: I’ve only been to Philly with my family when I was very young. I have vague memories of the Liberty Bell and a cheese steak. I’m excited to see what’s going on over there!

ROP: You guys have created music for designers (Calvin Klein, Viktor & Rolf, Miu Miu). What drove you to so? Is fashion an influence for your music?
TCM: We were asked to make a soundtrack for a French Vogue film for Inez and Vinoodh in 2011. They’re so amazing and they’ve been cool enough to keep us in the mix. We have another Viktor & Rolf spot coming out soon and a Vogue moment as well. We love fashion because it’s always fast and intense, and we thrive off of that kind of heat.

ROP: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? 10 years?
TCM: In 5 years I’m on a yacht. In ten years I’m on a yacht. JK! We’ll still be in the studio and on the road, making music, playing shows! We love it. Excited for our show in Philly!

We couldn’t be more excited, either! Catch AVAN LAVA with El Malito at MilkBoy on Wednesday, May 27 – get tickets here!  Want more?  Pick up a copy of AVAN LAVA’s new EP Make it Real here and follow all the shenanigans on Facebook, TwitterSoundCloud

Featured Image by Sioux Nesi

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